I understand why people said to take a risk in matters of love - because you will regret it for the rest of your life, is about to take the chance to do it or end as a coward. I start to think that I give up and fail in the attempt to make a beautiful story. I’m not blame anybody just myself


In the 21th century people are so foolish about society: statements of the church that forget about nature of life, even our behaviour doesn’t mean we can’t be free to be spontaneous


Things change for good or for bad. Discerning is the key to make important decisions in your life, and expirence is your portrait that define you as an individual. Faith (in everything) is all about to sucess…

So slow

From the infinity this feeling starts to grow like the lotus flower looking for the light to bloom…and here I am, absorbed by the imagination of your glance.

Close to me I can hear your heart, with your touch, with your smile, a silent love created by the illusion…and slow dying in the darkness.

There is a hope in this huge emptyness? My heart beats when you are here, giving me life in my soul, wishing for a moment that two lovers merge in one and meet the other side of the light.

Eternal punish lover, vanish in the air to come back in the infinity…like death is a fate, but when is uncertain…So slow to faint

YOU possess a kind of inner force that seeks to guide you toward your Life’s Task - what you are meant to accomplish in the time that you have to live. In childhood this force was clear to you. It directed you toward activities and sujects that fit your natural inclinations - that sparked a curiosity that was deep and primal. In the intervening years, the force tends to fade in and out as you listen more to parents and peers, to the daily anxieties that wear away at you. This can be the source of your unhappiness - your lack of connection to who you are and what makes you unique

Taken from Mastery by Robert Greene

(This describe exactly part of my life)

For you…

I want to give you this because I want it. I don’t expect nothing even your kindness, I doing it for me because it makes me feel good. Take it as an appreciation of life, because one day I will not be here and this will be a mark of our friendship